Get On Your Boots Video U2 Released at Last

Finally, here's U2's official video for hot new single 'Get On Your Boots'

Alexandre Courtes directed this visual punch in the face of a of a video that tjumps and turns with color, energon and abstract ideas. Courtes has previously worked with U2 on videos from the last album and Seven nation Army for The White Stripes

Watch the Video steamed from U2.Com. It's very simialr in style to the the design art for Oasis Dig Out Your album and video for The Shock of the Lightning but better shot and Daliesque

Here's the lyrics to Get On Your Boots.

The Edge has said of the song "Edge has been talking to Hot Press about the writing of 'Get On Your Boots'.

"We came up with 'Sexy Boots', and everyone got very excited by the idea and we pursued it, but in the end we just thought it was a bit limiting, and so we took it in another direction. That's the way it often happens with U2."

An unfinished video of the song leaked all over the internet before U2 managment took legal action to take it down"

"You might have seen we've been removing links to the rogue copy of the 'Boots' video in the last 24 hours. It's not just U2.Com, it's being taken down from everywhere on the web.

Word is that everyone was pretty fed up about an unfinished bootleg leaking out before the production team had finished their work."

Check out Ordinary Love, a song by U2 that was inspired by Nelson Mandela.

We don't think Mandela ever brewed beer but we imagine even he would have used a ph meter to test the wort to ensure it was in the correct range for making beer.

If you liked this song, you might like the lyrics to Lorde's song 'Liability'.

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I can't wait to see U2, Bono, The Edge, etc., when they come to the NYC area. There's some U2 tour info at and there's even pics, bio info and more!

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